RAF Hawkinge


This is one of the most famous pictures of WW2 and shows P/O Gillman who lived in Dover and flew out of RAF Hawkinge during the Battle of Britain. He was shot down and killed whilst over the channel near Dover on Sunday, 25th August 1940, he was 19 years of age.


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32 Sqdn.Pilots at Hawkinge, (left to right) P/O Smythe, P/O Procter, P/O Gillman, F/Lt. Brothers, P/O Gardner, P/O Grice, P/O Eckford. (Fox)


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610 Sqdn.Pilots at Hawkinge , morning 29th.July, (left to right standing) F/O Norris, Sgt. Chandler, S/Ldr. John Ellis, Sgt.Ramsay, F/Lt. Warner, Sgt. Hamlyn, P/O Gardiner. (left to right on ground) F/Lt. E.B.B.Smith, P/O Pegge, Sgt.Parsons, Sgt. Corfe . ( Imperial War Museum )

Bill Green ( 501 Squadron ) flew Hurricanes out of RAF Hawkinge during the Battle of Britain, he was shot down over Elham 29th August 1940. (See Harvest of Messerschmitts)


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