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Would you like to stay the night at Tappington Hall ?

1 Family Room
1 Double Room

(Private Bathroom)

Bad Sir Gile's room

The View from the window in Bad Sir Gile's room


Adults - Please Call or email
Children - Please Call or email

Inclusive of Full English Breakfast - Home Produced Sausages & Eggs.

Further views of Tappington Hall

This spot marks a terrible tragedy dating back to the troubles when families were divided over the rights of Cromwell and Charles. Two brothers living at Tappington were divided between the two factions but continued to live in the same house, each shutting himself away from the other in separate apartments. By that time the Civil War was over, but the same feeling prevailed and they never spoke to each other. But one night, when going to bed, they happened to meet on the stairs. Bursting with anger and fanaticism, the Puritan could not resist his opportunity. Turning suddenly, he attacked his brother with an axe and killed him. An indentation on the balustrade is said to have been caused by the first ineffectual blow of the axe.









For further details and to book please contact Sue & Andrew Clough

Tappington Hall,
Snode Hill,

Tel: 01303 844324



Please remember this is a working farm so if it is wet it will be muddy - so bring your boots!

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