Short Mat Bowls

Members of all ages from in and around Elham meet at the Village Hall to play this popular version of indoor bowls twice a week.

The bowls, used on the special mats laid out for the games, are the same as those used for outdoor lawn bowls, and the fairly simple playing rules are basically the same as for the outdoor game. The only uniform required for the weekly club sessions are a pair of ordinary flat shoes (to ensure that the special mats are not damaged).

The weekly bowling sessions are treated as a ‘none too serious’, social get together with many lasting friendships sealed over the tea and biscuits offered halfway through each session.

Potential members (16 years and up) are invited to come along to any of the sessions to watch the game being played, and to see if they would like to become more involved in this gentle exercise sport.

Note that the owning of Bowls is not a requirement for any introductory sessions, nor an initial requirement when joining the club.

Summer sessions:    
Monday evening     7.30pm to 9.15pm
Friday afternoon     2.30pm to 4pm

Winter sessions:    
Monday evening     2.30pm to 4pm
Sunday afternoon   2.30pm to 4pm

Further information can be obtained from any club member, or by contacting Betty Doy.
Club members annual subscription is £5, with a weekly club green fee of £2 per session.
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