These two websites have been created to promote the Elham Valley & the village of Elham, which lies at the centre of this beautiful Kentish valley.
Download our visitor guides of the valley below.
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  • Map of Elham
    © Reproduced by kind permission of the Elham Village Hall Association Ltd, Elham Circle & the artist - Graham Clarke
    Elham village is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the North Downs of Kent. This beautiful and historic village can trace its past back to the Domesday Book of 1086.
    Map of Elham
    © Reproduced by kind permission of the artist Scarlett Rickard
    Nestled between Canterbury and Folkestone, the Elham Valley is situated in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There is good access by car from the M20 and A2, alternatively by train to Canterbury or Folkestone and the regular No.17 Stagecoach bus service which runs along the valley.

    There can be few places as tranquil as Kent's Elham Valley that are so easy to reach and offer such a range of activities. Enjoy a walk in the unspoiled countryside followed by a pub lunch at one of the many charming village pubs.
    Breathe in the fresh air, drink in the views and feel yourself relax.

    There's accommodation to suit every budget from B&B to self catering or luxury rooms. The location makes it a great place for an overnight stop before a channel crossing from the nearby port of Dover or the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone.

    The Elham Valley Way, a 21 mile promoted footpath, passes over fields and through woods and villages, it therefore provides a wondeful encounter for the long distance walker. The Way largely traverses the track of the old Canterbury – Folkestone Elham Valley Railway which closed in 1947.

    The pretty village of Elham hosts some wonderful historic houses of Kent together with welcoming pubs, and log fires in the winter.
    WW1 Commemorations
    Preparations continue for the WW1 commemorations in November. Thank you to those who have already contacted me with regard to purchasing a Tommy soldier. The list is growing...However, it’s not too late to donate:
    You may like to look at the website: Do you have any red/white/ blue bunting or a union flag that we could borrow to decorate the hall over the weekend? They can be easily labelled and returned after the events are completed.
    Please contact me Jan Stanyon:

    The main hall windows will be enhanced by new curtains as the current ones have long served their purpose. We will also be fitting blackout blinds above the fire doors.

    Knit, Knot, Net
    This year marks the centenary of the end of the First World War. As part of the events marking this we are hoping to drape a sea of poppies from the top of the church tower, so we need your help. KNIT - If you can knit or crochet then please make us some poppies. There will be a box in St Mary’s church to put finished poppies. There will also be a pattern for an easy knit pattern in church should you need one.
    Please leave a tail of wool near the centre for us to attach them to the netting. KNOT – nearer the time we will be asking for volunteers to help knot the poppies to the netting NET – we will need to buy the netting (heavy duty) and some wool so if you are unable to help in any other way perhaps you would like to make a small donation towards the cost. Please give this to anyone from the church, drop in to Willows, Cock Lane or put it in the chest in church in a sealed envelope marked POPPIES.

    Cricket Club
    Elham Valley Cricket Club is an inclusive club with club mark status. We are welcoming to new members of all ages, gender and abilities. Our pitch and training facilities are safe and of a good standard. The ground is situated in a quiet location and offers fantastic views of Kents North Downs. We are keen to increase our membership in all age groups. If you are interested in playing cricket, Elham could be the club for you.
    Below are the details of the upcoming season
    21.4.2018 – First Saturday morning 10am-12noon
    Coaching sessions for ages 5 – 16
    Tuesday evenings starting 24.4.18 - 6.30pm –8pm
    Additional nets coaching for match preparation (U13s and U15s) Coaching for U11’s for match preparation
    Tuesday evenings 6pm–7pm starting 24.4.18
    U11s U13s U15s League and Cup competitions
    U9s Kwik cricket competition/league Cost
    U9s £25
    U11s £50
    U13s and above £80
    To apply for membership and for more information please click on the membership box @

    Livestock Under Attack
    There is an increasing incidence of dog attacks on livestock. Thousands of sheep and cattle die as a consequence of injuries caused by dogs every year and livestock worrying costs the industry an estimated £1.6m* (NFU Mutual). But this figure is just the tip of the iceberg as many losses are uninsured and often unaccounted for. Kent NFU Adviser Amanda Corp says:“The NFU is reminding people to keep dogs on a lead, rather than letting them run freely because livestock may be nearby. Dogs naturally have a chase instinct and they can inflict the most terrible bites on sheep which can die slowly and painfully of their injuries. Pregnant ewes can also abort their lambs if chased by dogs.” She explains: “Dog attacks on livestock should be avoided at all costs. They can end in tragedy both for the farmer and for the dog owner whose pet can legally be shot by a farmer if it’s chasing sheep or cattle .” If a dog worries livestock, the dog owner or the person responsible for the animal at the time is guilty of an offence under the Animals Act 1971 and may be sued for compensation by the farmer. Ms Corp emphasises that sheep farming involves long-term husbandry, saying: “It takes two years of care and attention for a farmer to raise a sheep - from lamb to breeding ewe. It is therefore heartbreaking for a farmer when flocks are attacked by dogs. Even the smallest dog can injure a sheep, that’s why it is so important to use a lead around livestock. The KCAF asks walkers to follow The Countryside Code Note: There is a Government backed campaign to understand the true incidence of dog attacks. Please report livestock worrying incidents that you witness and cases of dogs that you know are not secured adequately at home. Phone Kent Police on 101 – they will welcome your call.

    Bin Stickers
    Elham Parish Council have phased a number of 30 mph bin stickers for use within the parish. They are similar to ones which you may have noticed in Barham and, more lately, in Lyminge. The purpose is obviously to try and make motorists more alert to the fact that they are in a 30mph zone. If you would like to have two or three stickers to put on your wheelie bins and meet the following criteria:  Your property is in a 30mph zone  Your bins are put out next to the main road and will be visible to motorists then please contact me on 840622 to arrange receipt.

    Jon Worrall, Elham Parish Council, Highways lead


    4G comes to Elham
    EE are rolling out superfast 4GEE in Shepway this week.
    click on the event for more details
    Thu 27 Sep 14:00
    Visit to Minster Abbey
    Minster Abbey - Elham Historical Society
    2.00pm for a Tour and an exhibition, followed by a cream tea at 3.00 in their Parkminster Gardens Tea Room and a visit to the church. "Minster Abbey is possibly the oldest inhabited house in the country and home to 12 Benedictine nuns" Donations - no set charge. There is an 11th Century Brew House, a medieval crypt and Saxon Tower. The Church of St Mary the Virgin is on the site of the 1st monastic foundation, founded in 670 AD, originally built by the Saxons and the quire stalls are superb. Please contact Andree Sladden or Jackie Christian on w
    Fri 28 Sep 19:30
    Live Music Night
    Abbot's Fireside - Elham Abbot's Fireside
    Mon 1 Oct 19:30
    Parish Council Meeting
    Peggy Pike VH - Elham Parish Council
    Tue 2 Oct 14:00 - 16:00
    Knit & Natter
    St. Mary's Church - Elham Friends of St. Mary's Church
    Sat 6 Oct 10:00
    Coffee Morning
    Village Hall - Elham Gardening Society
    Sun 7 Oct 12:00
    Conker Bash
    Village Hall - Elham Village Hall Association
    Thu 11 Oct 14:30
    The Tea Man
    St. Mary's Church - Elham Circle
    Fri 12 Oct 20:00
    Fred Palmer's War
    Village Hall - Elham Historical Society
    Thu 18 Oct 19:30
    The Inexhaustible Mr Paxto
    Peggy Pike VH - Elham Gardening Society
    Fri 19 Oct 19:30
    Quiz Night
    Village Hall - Elham Village Hall Association
    Sun 21 Oct 10:15
    Eham Valley Walkersl
    The Square - Elham Walking Group
    Thu 25 Oct 18:00 - 21:00
    Christmas Market
    Village Hall - Canterbury Pilgrim's Hospice
    Fri 26 Oct 19:00
    Live Music Nights
    Abbot's Fireside - Elham Abbot's Fireside
    Fri 26 Oct 19:30
    20th Century Elham
    Village Hall - Elham Village Hall Association
    Wed 31 Oct 17:00
    Spooky Halloween Parade
    The Square - Elham Play For Elham
    Fri 9 Nov 09:30 - 10:30
    WW1 Commemoration
    Primary School Hall - Elham Primary School
    Fri 9 Nov 10:30 - 16:30
    WW1 Commemorations:
    Methodist Hall - Elham Historical Society
    Fri 9 Nov 11:00
    Remembrance Service
    War Memorial - Elham Primary School
    Fri 9 Nov 13:30
    Commemorative Service
    St. Mary's Church - Elham Primary School
    Fri 9 Nov 19:00
    WW1 dinner.
    Rose & Crown - Elham Rose & Crown
    Sat 10 Nov 10:30 - 16:30
    WW1 Commemorations:
    Methodist Hall - Elham Historical Society
    Sat 10 Nov 14:00 - 16:00
    Tea of The Times
    St. Mary's Church - Elham Friends of St. Mary's Church
    Sat 10 Nov 19:30
    Annual Dinner
    Village Hall - Elham Gardening Society
    Sun 11 Nov 10:30
    Remembrance Parade
    Village - Public
    Sun 11 Nov 10:45 - 11:15
    War Memorial - Public
    Sun 11 Nov 11:15 - 16:00
    WW1 Commemorations:
    Methodist Hall - Elham Historical Society
    Sun 11 Nov 11:30 - 12:30
    St. Mary's Church - Elham Friends of St. Mary's Church
    Sun 11 Nov 13:30 - 16:30
    A half muffled peal
    St. Mary's Church - Elham Friends of St. Mary's Church
    Sun 11 Nov 16:00 - 19:00
    WW1 Exhibition and Event
    Village Hall - Elham Village Hall Association
    Thu 15 Nov 19:30
    A Year on the Allotment
    Peggy Pike VH - Elham Gardening Society
    Sun 18 Nov 10:15
    Eham Valley Walkers
    The Square - Elham Walking Group
    Wed 5 Dec
    Railway Swing Band
    Village Hall - Elham Village Hall Association
    Sun 9 Dec 10:15
    Elham Valley Walkers
    West Hythe Canal Car Park - Elham Walking Group
    Thu 13 Dec 19:30
    AGM & Xmas Party
    Peggy Pike VH - Elham Gardening Society
    Sun 16 Dec 11:00 - 14:00
    Christmas Food & Craft Festival
    The Square - Elham Farmers' Market
    Contact Name & email
    Non emergency Police
    07977 982185
    KCCCommunity Warden: Gary Harrison
    NHS Direct
    01227 766877
    Kent & Canterbury Hosp.
    01233 633331
    William Harvey Ashford
    01303 840213
    Elham Surgery
    01303 232300
    Hawkinge Health Centre
    01303 862425
    Lyminge Pharmacy
    01303 840577
    Bourne Physiotherapy: Julie Perkins
    01227 832322
    Bourne Vet Practice
    01303 273203
    Manor Vet Clinic
    01303 253524
    Member of Parliament: Damian Collins MP
    07584 304301
    Shepway Dist. Councillor: David Godfrey
    07968 406702
    Shepway Dist. Councillor: Phillip Martin
    07956 110887
    Shepway Dist. Councillor: Stuart Peall
    01233 670561
    Kent County Councillor: Miss Susan Carey
    01303 840255
    Parish Council Chairman: Geoff Clements
    01304 830200
    Parish Council Clerk: Cathy Skinner
    01303 840538
    Parish Council Member: Colin Johnson
    01303 840622
    Parish Council Member: Jon Worrall
    01303 840872
    Parish Council Member: Ken Percival
    01303 840215
    Parish Council Member: Kevin Lamb
    07956 110887
    Parish Council Member: Stuart Peall
    01303 840006
    Parish Council Vice-Chairman: Brian Swan
    01303 840566
    Abbot's Fireside
    01303 840242
    King's Arms
    01303 840890
    Rose & Crown
    01303 840304
    Church Matters: Mary Morgan
    01303 840344
    Cosy Tea Rooms: Dawn
    01303 862820
    Dog & Puppy Training
    01303 840464
    EHS: Jacquie Christian
    01303 840485
    Elham Circle: Judith Ridley
    01303 840550
    Elham Gardening Society: Frances Horton
    01303 840584
    Elham Going Green: Sylvia Scott
    01303 840041
    Elham Pre-School:
    01303 840325
    Elham Primary School: Dan File
    01303 840974
    Elham Taxi Service
    07515 797591
    Elham Taxi Service
    01303 840186
    Elham Valley Stores
    01303 840606
    EVH Chairman: Tony Rossi
    01303 840647
    EVHA: Pat Holmes
    01303 840336
    Ladies' Walking Group: Andrée Sladden
    01303 862180
    Lyminge Library
    01303 261500
    Methodist Church: Kevin Taylor
    01303 840485
    Sports Centre
    01303 840009
    Sports Club: John Holmes
    01303 840538
    St. Mary's Church Hall: Bridget Johnson
    01303 840544
    Sunday School
    01303 862467
    Village Hall: Maggie Tappenden
    01303 840941
    Newsletter Editor: Ros Humphreys
    01303 840682
    Newsletter Advertising: Laura Benson
    01303 840007
    Newsletter Distribution: Pauline & Barry Flanagan